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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Waist Circumference
Research shows that waist circumference (ie., how big your belly is) is an even better predictor of health problems than measurements such as BMI (body mass index). So, lose that weight!

  Fitness Gear : Resistance Training Gear
Working against any kind of resistance can enhance muscle strength or muscle endurance...or both. It all depends on the amount of resistance and the number of reps you do. There are a wide variety of products on the market in this category. Here are some that we think are cool!

Resistance Bands Set, 3-Band Handle
by Black Mountain Products
Resistance Bands Set, 5-Band Handle
by Black Mountain Products
Resistance Bands Set, Single-Band Handle
by Black Mountain Products
Max Resistance Bands 12-pc Set
by Bodylastics
SelectTech 552 Dumbbells
by Bowflex
Egg Weights Grips
by Egg Weights
Egg Weights, 4-lb set
by Egg Weights
by HyperWear
Speed Vest, Short, black, 1-11-lbs.
by IronWear Fitness
Uni-Vest Long Professional Weight Vest, 40-lb.
by IronWear Fitness
MASS Suit - Elite
by Juke Performance
MASS Suit - Pro
by Juke Performance
MASS Suit - Speed
by Juke Performance
Lebert Buddy System
by Lebert Fitness
Marpo V250 Rope Trainer
by Marpo Kinetics
Ankle Weights, 2-lbs each
by Nordic Lifting
Ankle Weights, 5-lbs each
by Nordic Lifting
Braided Xertube, Heavy (blue)
Braided Xertube, Light (green)
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