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Waist Circumference
Research shows that waist circumference (ie., how big your belly is) is an even better predictor of health problems than measurements such as BMI (body mass index). So, lose that weight!

Product Details: Lebert Buddy System

Product Name: Lebert Buddy System
Category: Resistance Training Gear
Manufacturer: Lebert Fitness
List Price: $119.99

Description: It's a beefy strap with handles on both ends, and one in the middle. Available in pink and black, lime and black, and all black.
How It Works: You grab the handles on the ends; your buddy grabs the handle in middle of the strap. Then, you begin performing pushing or pulling exercises while your partner provides stability, changes the angle, and shouts encouragement. Trust us, this exercise strap can really give you a workout!
Ideal For: Anyone who is bored with traditional weights or weight-stack machines, especially if you like working out with a partner.
Why It's Cool: We really haven't ever seen anything like this. Marc Lebert just keeps coming up with really cool, original exercise equipment!

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