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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Physical Activity and Dementia
A 5-yr study of elderly subjects (mean age 75 yrs) showed that those who were most active during the day (doing chores, etc.) had the lowest rate of cognitive impairment (Arch Intern Med, 2011).

Product Details: Egg Weights, 4-lb set

Product Name: Egg Weights, 4-lb set
Category: Resistance Training Gear
Manufacturer: Egg Weights
List Price: $55.95

Description: These are weights that fit in the palm of your hands. They are available in 1-lb, 1.5-lb, 2-lb, 3-lb, 4-lb, and 5-lb sets. (The weight designation represents the total weight for the pair.) But, as the weight increases, the overall size of each egg remains the same due to the use of higher-density metal. Grips are available in 7 colors: black, pink, blue, burgundy, purple, camo, and grey.
How It Works: Each egg weight is encased in a grip which provides a loop for your middle finger. You can perform all kinds of exercises while holding these weights in your hands.
Ideal For: Boxers, tennis players, basketball players, volleyball players, and any sport that requires throwing and/or lots of arm effort. Holding these while running can also increase your VO2max. Also ideal for elderly exercisers!
Why It's Cool: They're simple, functional, and effective!

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