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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Tennis Burns Calories!
During singles, the average tennis player burns 7-8 times the calories used while sitting. Doubles tennis burns about 4-5 times the calories used at rest.

Product Details: Marpo V250 Rope Trainer

Product Name: Marpo V250 Rope Trainer
Category: Resistance Training Gear
Manufacturer: Marpo Kinetics
List Price: $5295.00

Description: It's a rope on a continuous loop. You can adjust the angle and the amount of resistance. And the seat "floats" to give you the sensation of climbing a real rope.
How It Works: You adjust the amount of resistance so that it simulates leg-free rope-climbing, even if you haven't yet built up your strength enough to lift your entire body weight. As you get stronger, you dial-up more resistance.
Ideal For: Anyone, but, especially, pole vaulters, gymnasts, and contestants on American Ninja Warrior!
Why It's Cool: We think this is the coolest exercise machine ever invented. Marpo's Rope Trainers simulate rope climbing perfectly. But, they are much safer than climbing a real rope. Think about it: your muscles are the most fatigued when you're at the highest point on a rope! Anyone who can climb a rope without using their feet or legs demonstrates impressive strength. Could Arnold do that?

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