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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Death Rate Due To Lack of Exercise
It has been estimated that 250,000 deaths in the US (about 12%) every year are related to lack of regular physical activity.

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Mobile App

Our innovative and award-winning app "Exercise Calorie Converter" converts the calories in restaurant foods and beverages into minutes of exercise.

Version 3.0 -- released in Spring 2017 -- offers more restaurants, over 6000 foods and beverages, a Quick-Check tool for foods not in the database, and some cool sharing functions. (NOTE: Version 3.3 was released February 2018.)


Today's Featured Topics

Exercise For Kids: "10 And Under" Tennis
The USTA has come up with a novel way of getting kids more interested in tennis: "10 And Under" tennis. The balls, the racquets, and the court dimensions have all been modified so that learning tennis isn't so frustrating for children. Read more about it at: "Exercise For Kids: '10 And Under' Tennis"

Activity Trackers
"Activity trackers," "fitness bands," "wearable fitness technology"....these are all terms for the hottest exercise gizmo on the market these days. To help you sort through some of the more popular ones, Read our review...

Neighborhood Exercise
To be honest, you really don't need to join a gym to exercise. There are lots of options for exercising right in your own neighborhood: walking, running, biking, and rollerblading are just several activities. For more ideas, read our review: "Neighborhood Exercise"

Exercise Books and Videos

TITLE:  "Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, 1st ed."
AUTHOR:  Bushman B, et al.
LENGTH:  396 pages
LIST PRICE:  $21.95

If you are looking for one resource that provides solid (evidence-based) guidelines for optimum exercise, fitness, and nutrition, then this book from ACSM is for you! It is thorough, yet easy to read. And it is loaded with photos of real people demonstrating a variety of exercises. Read our review...

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