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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Bent-over Rows
When doing bent-over rows, use a single dumbbell instead of a barbell. So, if you are holding the dumbbell in your right hand, place your left hand and left knee on a bench. (Your right foot is on the ground.) That way, your spine is supported like a table with 3 legs. This will help prevent lower back strain.

Product Details: Uni-Vest Long Professional Weight Vest, 40-lb.

Product Name: Uni-Vest Long Professional Weight Vest, 40-lb.
Category: Resistance Training Gear
Manufacturer: IronWear Fitness
List Price: $339.99

Description: This product is actually 2 vests that work together: The outer vest is called the Uni-Vest. The inner liner is called their Under-Vest. Together, the 2 vests allow you to wear up to 40-lbs of weight. (Note that IronWear ships this vest with either 30-lbs or 40-lbs of weight.)
How It Works: The outer Uni-Vest can provide up to 20-lbs of weight. The Under-Vest (inner liner) can provide an additional 20-lbs. Together, the 2 vests allow you to wear 2 to 40-lbs of weight. It fits tight against your torso so you can do a variety of activities - including running - while wearing it.
Ideal For: For serious fitness enthusiasts who want a high-quality and versatile weighted vest. (And if this vest doesn't give you enough resistance, they have one that weighs 76 to 80-lbs!) If this 2-vest system is more elaborate than what you want, a simpler, and cheaper, weighted vest is IronWear's 20-lb short vest.
Why It's Cool: The coolest aspect of IronWear's weighted vests are the weights themselves: they are flexible! Each weight is 1/2-in thick, 2-in wide, and 4.5-in long.

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