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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Obesity in the US: 2013-2014
In 2013-2014, 35% of men and 40% of women in the US were classified as obese (source: JAMA June 7, 2016)

Product Details: CorePump

Product Name: CorePump
Category: Resistance Training Gear
Manufacturer: COREPUMP
List Price: $1499.00

Description: This is a single-station resistance device that allows you to train multiple muscle groups.
How It Works: The handlebars are attached to a central stem that moves up and down inside a sleeve. Isokinetic resistance is provided on both the up and the down strokes. Six levels of resistance can be set using the dial on the front.
Ideal For: Anyone looking for a versatile resistance-training station for their home.
Why It's Cool: You can train a variety of muscle groups with one apparatus. Further, the machine provides resistance for opposing muscle groups during one repetition. Saves time! Very cool!

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