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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Rehab Exercises for the Back
When doing resistance exercises to rehab the back, the goal is to develop muscular endurance. So, lower the resistance and increase the number of reps to as many as 15-30 per set.

Product Details: Egg Weights Grips

Product Name: Egg Weights Grips
Category: Resistance Training Gear
Manufacturer: Egg Weights
List Price: $4.99/pair

Description: These are grips for hand-held Egg Weights. They are available in 7 colors: Black, Pink, Blue, Burgundy, Purple, Camo, and Grey.
How It Works: The grips make it easier to hold the Egg Weights in your hands as you work out. Your middle finger is inserted through the loop.
Ideal For: Boxers, tennis players, basketball players, volleyball players, and any sport that requires throwing and/or lots of arm effort. Holding these while running can also increase your VO2max. Also ideal for elderly exercisers!
Why it's cool: They're simple, functional, and effective!

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