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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Wrist Pain and Cycling
Ten percent of long-distance cyclists develop nerve irritation in their wrists (AJSM 8/05). This is caused by compression of the ulnar nerve and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The solution?: change your hand position often.

  Fitness Gear : Other Cool Exercise Gear
Here are other really cool (well, we think so!) consumer exercise products. Click on the thumbnail image, or the link, to obtain detailed information about a specific product. If you use the provided links to navigate to Amazon and make a purchase, you'll also be supporting our endeavor.  Thanks!

We add to this list regularly, so check back often!

Power Lacez
by 4id
Power Wrapz
by 4id
Healthy Back Bag - perforated, small
by AmeriBag
by AquaTrend, LLC
by Armpocket Enterprises
Bahama Beach Cruisers
by Bahama Beach Cruisers
Glide 1.5 oz.
by Body Glide
Sun 1.5 oz.
by Body Glide
Cardiff Skates
by Cardiff Skate Co.
WorkOut 180
by Core Exercise Technologies
Dinami Duffel Bag
by Dinami Gear
ElliptiGO 3C
by ElliptiGO Inc.
Chill-Its 6602 Cooling Towel
by Ergodyne
by FlipBelt
by GymBoss
First Step to Active Health® Kit
by Hygenic Corp.
Journey Gym
by Journey Gym
Kangoo Jumps
by Kangoo Jumps
by Koss
by Koss
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