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Obesity in the US: 2013-2014
In 2013-2014, 35% of men and 40% of women in the US were classified as obese (source: JAMA June 7, 2016)

Product Details: Cardiff Skates

Product Name: Cardiff Skates
Category: Other Cool Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: Cardiff Skate Co.
List Price: $159.99/pair

Description: Here's a new style of roller skates....sort of a cross between skates and rollerblades.
How It Works: The photo above is a side view. Each skate has 4 wheels: you skate on 3 wheels and the 4th wheel -- at the very back -- is your brake. The brake is activated by pressing the rear of the skate downward. You step into the skate similarly to inserting your ski boot into a ski; the length of the skate then automatically contracts to fit shoes up to size 13. One buckle (shown) fits across the top of your shoe. For fast skating, a 2nd buckle can be added that fits across the top of your ankle.
Ideal For: Anyone who likes to skate!
Why It's Cool: Three wheels provide more stability than rollerblades.

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