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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise and Bone Density
After many years of riding, competitive cyclists can show a decline in bone density. Cyclists need to incorporate some type of "impact" exercise (ie., jumping sports, change-in-direction running) into their routine, too.

Product Details: ElliptiGO 3C

Product Name: ElliptiGO 3C
Category: Other Cool Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: ElliptiGO Inc.
List Price: $1999.00

Description: The ElliptiGO is a stand-up bike that you propel with an elliptical motion. It can deliver a high-intensiy, low-impact workout...outdoors! It burns more calories than a traditional bicycle. They have 2 general designs: "compact-stride" and "long-stride", and 3 models are offered for each of those. The "3C" is the entry level model for the long-stride series. It has 3 gears and you can reach a top speed of 25 mph.
How It Works: You propel the bike forward with an elliptical motion. You can turn corners, brake and climb hills just like on any road bike.
Ideal For: Athletes who want a superior outdoor cross-training experience; outdoor fitness enthusiasts who want the most fun and comfortable workout on two wheels; and injured/former runners who want to feel the endorphin rush of running again.
Why It's Cool: The ElliptiGO liberates you from the gym! Imagine exercising on an elliptical trainer outdoors...while moving 15-20 mph!

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