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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Worst Exercise Ever?
The "plank." (ie., holding your body in a fixed horizontal position, just your toes and forearms touching the ground). Stuart McGill, PhD states that a sustained contraction of the long thin muscles of the back can rapidly deplete these muscle cells of oxygen. Depleting cells of their oxygen supply is never a good thing!

Product Details: AquaTrend

Product Name: AquaTrend
Category: Other Cool Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: AquaTrend, LLC
List Price: $1950.00

Description: The AquaTrend is an aluminum apparatus that attaches to the side of your pool so that you can perform low-impact exercises in the water.
How It Works: It attaches to the side of your pool.
Ideal For: Anyone, but especially those who don't have enough strength to do regular pull-ups, dips, etc. Also ideal for those with arthritis or who are obese.
Why It's Cool: It allows for strength-training, cardio, and flexibility all at the same time!

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