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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise Intensity vs. Duration
In general, 2 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (brisk walking) is equivalent to 1 minute of vigorous-intensity exercise.

Product Details: Healthy Back Bag - perforated, small

Product Name: Healthy Back Bag - perforated, small
Category: Other Cool Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: AmeriBag
List Price: $75.00

Description: This is a small back bag. Has lots of pockets inside and out: some are zippered, some are open, and the large one on the outside is kept closed with a magnet. This model has a black outside layer that is perforated, showing the hot pink layer underneath.
How It Works: Can be hung on the shoulder, or, across the back. It's designed to conform to the shape of your back, minimizing strain on your back, neck, and shoulders.
Ideal For: Anyone on the go! Not designed for books or a full-size laptop, but, ideal for your phone, tablet, and other lightweight items.
Why It's Cool: It's ergonomically designed and hangs off your shoulder or across your back comfortably. Has lots of pockets for carrying your stuff! This company makes dozens of styles!

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