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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Worst Exercise Ever?
The "plank." (ie., holding your body in a fixed horizontal position, just your toes and forearms touching the ground). Stuart McGill, PhD states that a sustained contraction of the long thin muscles of the back can rapidly deplete these muscle cells of oxygen. Depleting cells of their oxygen supply is never a good thing!

  Sports Nutrition

There are literally hundreds of different brands of nutrition bars on the market today. And there are dozens of brands of sports drinks.

In this section, you can find detailed nutritional information on these products.  You can look up the ingredients in a single product, or, you can compare up to 3 products side-by-side.


Compare Products
Product 1: Product 2: Product 3:

Name Type
Luna - nutz over chocolate Lower-Calorie Bar
Luna - s'mores Lower-Calorie Bar
Luna - sweet dreams Lower-Calorie Bar
Luna - toasted nuts 'n cranberry Lower-Calorie Bar
Luna - tropical crisp Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria - chocolate honey graham Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria - chocolate peanut crunch Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria - creme caramel crisp Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria - double chocolate cookie Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria - french vanilla crisp Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria - mint chocolate cookie Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria - strawberry shortcake Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria Carb Select - chocolate mocha crisp Lower-Calorie Bar
Pria Carb Select - cookies n' caramel Lower-Calorie Bar
Balance - chocolate Nutrition Bar
Balance - chocolate raspberry fudge Nutrition Bar
Balance - cookie dough Nutrition Bar
Balance - honey peanut Nutrition Bar
Balance - peanut butter Nutrition Bar
Balance Carb Well - chocolate fudge Nutrition Bar
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