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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise and Obesity
Rates of walking and cycling were analyzed in 14 countries. Rates were highest in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Spain, and lowest in the US, Australia, and Canada. Not surprisingly, the rates of diabetes and obesity were lowest in the countries where people did the most walking and cycling. (source: Am J Pub Health, Oct. 2010)

  Fitness Gear : Hiking Gear
Here, we feature gear for hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, or multi-day motorcycle trips. Lots of cool stuff!

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Bitter Springs UL-1 Solo Tent
by Big Agnes
Alpine Carbon Z Hiking Poles
by Black Diamond Equipment
Alpine Ergo Cork Hiking Poles
by Black Diamond Equipment
Distance FLZ Hiking Poles
by Black Diamond Equipment
Trail Pro Shock Hiking Poles
by Black Diamond Equipment
Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles
by Cascade Mountain Tech
Echo-II Ultralight Shelter System
by Hyperlite Mountain Gear
UltaMid-2 Pyramid Tent
by Hyperlite Mountain Gear
Corklite Antishock Hiking Poles
Cristallo Antishock Hiking Poles
SuperMega UL-1 Solo Tent
by Mountain Hardwear
Specialist Solo Tent
by Sea To Summit
Flashlight FL-1 Solo Tent
by Sierra Designs
Cirriform SW-1 Solo Tent
by YAMA Mountain Gear

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