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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise and Obesity
Rates of walking and cycling were analyzed in 14 countries. Rates were highest in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Spain, and lowest in the US, Australia, and Canada. Not surprisingly, the rates of diabetes and obesity were lowest in the countries where people did the most walking and cycling. (source: Am J Pub Health, Oct. 2010)

Product Details: Trail Pro Shock Hiking Poles

Product Name: Trail Pro Shock Hiking Poles
Category: Hiking Gear
Manufacturer: Black Diamond Equipment
List Price: $104.96 / pair

Colors Available: Shaft: black. Grip: black.
Description: A lightweight aluminum alloy trekking pole with built-in shock-absorbing technology. Foam grip. Carbide or rubber tips available. A June 2016 review from BestReviews.com picked these poles as the Best Of The Best.
Length: Fully extended: 140 cm. Collapsed: 68 cm.
Recommended for: Mountain hikers.
Special Features: The flick-lock locks shaft sections securely.
Weight: 10.5 oz. per pole
Why it's cool: The way they've designed the shock absorbers on these poles is pretty darn cool! Some think that these poles have the best shock system of any on the market.

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