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Worst Exercise Ever?
The "plank." (ie., holding your body in a fixed horizontal position, just your toes and forearms touching the ground). Stuart McGill, PhD states that a sustained contraction of the long thin muscles of the back can rapidly deplete these muscle cells of oxygen. Depleting cells of their oxygen supply is never a good thing!

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Our innovative and award-winning app "Exercise Calorie Converter" converts the calories in restaurant foods and beverages into minutes of exercise.

Version 3.0 -- released in Spring 2017 -- offers more restaurants, over 6000 foods and beverages, a Quick-Check tool for foods not in the database, and some cool sharing functions. (NOTE: Version 3.3 was released February 2018.)


Today's Featured Topics

Hiking Gear
Having the right gear on your hike can be the difference between an enjoyable (and safe!) hike and something much worse. There's a ton of cool stuff available. Here are some suggestions. Read our review...

Sugar, Fructose, High-Fructose Corn Syrup
A diet that is too high in sugar and, especially, high-fructose corn syrup is unhealthy. But, fructose is found naturally in lots of fruits. So, is fructose worse than sucrose (table sugar)? Read more about this perplexing carbohydrate in: "Nutrition Basics: Fructose, Public Enemy #1?"

Dietary Protein and Exercise
The appropriate amount of dietary protein is confusing even for healthcare professionals. This article summarizes the latest protein intake recommendations to optimize health and athletic performance. Read more at: "Protein and Exercise"

Exercise Books and Videos

TITLE:  "Caffeine for Sports Performance"
AUTHOR:  Burke L, Desbrow B, Spriet L
LENGTH:  205 pages
LIST PRICE:  $18.95

Authors Burke, Desbrow, and Spriet review current science on how caffeine affects athletic performance in "Caffeine for Sports Performance". It was published in 2013. Read our review...

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