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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Walking and Dementia
A 9-yr study of elderly adults (mean age 78 yrs) showed that those who walked the most (on a regular basis) had a reduced risk of cognitive impairment. (source: Neurology, Oct. 19, 2010.)

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Our innovative and award-winning app "Exercise Calorie Converter" converts the calories in restaurant foods and beverages into minutes of exercise.

Version 3.0 -- released in Spring 2017 -- offers more restaurants, over 5000 foods and beverages, a Quick-Check tool for foods not in the database, and some cool sharing functions. (NOTE: Version 3.3 was released February 2018.)


Today's Featured Topics

Exercise and Dementia
Can exercise reduce your chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease? Absolutely! Read the latest research here. Read more...

Exercise Tips For Travelers
When you're on a business trip, you might be inclined to forgo exercise just because you're on the road. No worries! Many hotels have fitness centers. And so do some airports! But, how do you find them? Easy, just use the web sites summarized in our review: "Exercise Tips For Travelers"

Energy Bars
Nutrition bars, meal-replacement bars, energy bars....aren't they all the same thing? No, definitely not! If you're in the middle of a century ride or triathlon, you don't want something that contains fiber, minerals, or a lot of fat. To help keep them all straight, read our review: "Energy Bars"

Exercise Books and Videos

TITLE:  "Sport and Exercise Pharmacology"
AUTHOR:  Reents, S
LENGTH:  347 pages
LIST PRICE:  $57.00

"Sport and Exercise Pharmacology" is the first text ever written explaining what happens if you exercise while taking medications. Although it is intended for an academic audience (eg., students in exercise sciences, health care professionals), the text is readable even by those without a scientific background. Over 100 figures and graphs support the concepts discussed. Each chapter begins with a Case Study, which, according to the author, is based on a real scenario.
Read our review...

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