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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Death Rate Due To Lack of Exercise
It has been estimated that 250,000 deaths in the US (about 12%) every year are related to lack of regular physical activity.

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In May 2013, we released an update (Version 2.0) to our novel Exercise Calorie Converter (for Apple iOS only). In October 2016, we removed it from Apple's iTunes Store due to it being out-of-sync with Apple's current i-OS.

In November 2016, we began work on a major upgrade: Version 3.0. We expect it to be available by January 2017. Stay tuned!

Today's Featured Topics

Sports Nutrition vs. General Nutrition
You have probably heard of the federal government's "Food Pyramid." These are good guidelines to follow. However, if you exercise vigorously, there are several dietary details that should be modified. An example is the amount of sodium in your diet. To learn more, read our review: "Why Sports Nutrition Is Different"

Walking for Exercise
When older individuals exercise for health reasons, walking is often what they choose. Walking is great exercise for reducing the risk of events like heart attack and stroke, and, it's also helpful for weight loss. But, it's not very good for building bone density. Learn more about the health benefits of walking at: "Walking"

Bad Exercise
How can exercise be bad? In fact, some exercises can be bad for you. And, too much of the right exercise, can also be harmful. Learn what NOT to do in our review: "Bad Exercise"

Exercise Books and Videos

TITLE:  "A Girl's Guide To Fitting In Fitness"
AUTHOR:  Whitehead E, Walters J
LENGTH:  124 pages
LIST PRICE:  $12.99

"A Girl's Guide To Fitting In Fitness" is a handy guide for teenage girls that addresses not only exercise and fitness topics, but healthy eating tips as well. We liked it! Read our review...

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