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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Health Risks and Metabolic Syndrome
A man with metabolic syndrome has the same risk of heart attack as a man who has already had one. However, as aerobic fitness increases, this risk decreases (Diabetes Care, Feb. 2005).

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Our innovative and award-winning app "Exercise Calorie Converter" converts the calories in restaurant foods and beverages into minutes of exercise.

This update -- Version 3.0 -- offers more restaurants, over 5000 foods and beverages, a Quick-Check tool for foods not in the database, and some cool sharing functions.


Today's Featured Topics

Exercise and Intelligence
Can exercise really make you smarter? Yes, it can! There is now quite a bit of research documenting this. Kids who exercise do better in school, and, adults who exercise make more money in their careers. Yes, really! Read more...

Many people may not have heard of "plyometrics" but it's a training technique that has been around for quite a while. It's not for beginners, but, if you're ready, it can add a lot of explosive strength to your jumps and agility. Read more about it at: "Plyometrics"

How To Choose A Gym
You've decided to get back in shape. Congratulations. Now what? Most likely, you will consider joining a gym. But, what should you look for? Some clubs have dress codes and specific hours for special populations. Rates, membership plans, and competency of the staff vary widely. Learn more in our review: "How To Choose A Gym"

Exercise Books and Videos

TITLE:  "P90X" (DVD)
AUTHOR:  Horton T
LIST PRICE:  $150.00

While we realize that we are endorsing a product sold via informercials, this is one that can really produce results. Tony Horton has created a home work-out routine that is VERY challenging! This is not for someone with health problems! The package consists of 12 DVDs, and two booklets: an exercise guide and a nutrition guide. Read more...

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