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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Running vs. Walking
If you run a mile, you burn up about 40% more calories than if you walk a mile. This holds true both on the road and on a treadmill.

EAS AdvantEdge - peanut butter crunch

Manufacturer EAS (Experimental and Applied Sciences)
Category Nutrition Bar
When to Use Between-meal snack, or immediately after strenuous exercise.
Serving Size 1 bar
Total Calories 248
Energy Profile
50.0% / 29.0% / 21.0%
Glycemic Index
CARBS (total): 31.0 g
Fats & Oils
cholesterol: 0 mg
FAT, saturated: 2.50 g
FAT, total: 8.0 g
FIBER, total: 3.0 g
calcium: 35 %DV
copper: 20 %DV
iodine: 8 %DV
iron: 20 %DV
manganese: 20 %DV
phosphorus: 30 %DV
zinc: 10 %DV
PROTEIN (total): 13.0 g
Salts & Electrolytes
magnesium: 15 %DV
potassium: 160 mg
sodium: 220 mg
folate: 25 %DV
niacin: 20 %DV
pantothenic acid: 10 %DV
riboflavin: 10 %DV
thiamin: 15 %DV
vitamin A: 50 %DV
vitamin B-12: 50 %DV
vitamin B-6: 50 %DV
vitamin C: 50 %DV
vitamin E: 60 %DV
Other Ingredients N/A
Other Information Contains palm and palm kernel oils. Contains high-fructose corn syrup. Avoid if allergic to peanuts. (%DV based on a 2000-calorie diet.)

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