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Diabetes Worldwide in 2011
The 5th ed. of "Diabetes Atlas" (published Nov. 2011) reports that there were 366 million people with diabetes worldwide as of 2011. This is up almost 30% from the year before, which reported 285 million.

Sports Nutrition Guidebook, 6th ed.

Author: Clark N
Category: Sports Nutrition
Audience: Elite Athlete
Length: 525 pages
Publisher: Human Kinetics
  Year Published: 2020
List Price: $23.95® Rating: Excellent!

Sports Nutrition Guidebook is now in its 6th edition. The publication date for this edition is listed as 2020, however, it was released in August 2019. This book has now sold over 750,000 copies.

Recommended for: weekend warriors as well as elite athletes.


Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD, is a recognized expert in sports nutrition. She earned a masters degree in nutrition from Boston University, obtained board-certification as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), and is also a certified WellCoach. Currently, she is in private practice in Newton, MA, where she advises athletes at the collegiate, Olympic, and professional level. She is also an athlete herself: she has biked across America, run marathons, and hiked the Himalayas.


The 525-page book is organized as follows:

PART I: Everyday Eating For Active People

  • Chapter 1: Building a High-Energy Eating Plan
  • Chapter 2: Eating to Stay Healthy for the Long Run
  • Chapter 3: Breakfast: The Key to a Successful Sports Diet
  • Chapter 4: Lunch and Dinner: At Home, on the Run, and on the Road
  • Chapter 5: Between Meals: Snacking for Health and Sustained Energy
  • Chapter 6: Carbohydrate: Simplifying a Complex Topic
  • Chapter 7: Protein: Building and Repairing Muscles
  • Chapter 8: Fluids: Replacing Sweat Losses to Maintain Performance

PART II: The Science of Eating and Exercise

  • Chapter 9: Fueling Before Exercise
  • Chapter 10: Fueling During and After Exercise
  • Chapter 11: Supplements, Performance Enhancers, and Engineered Sports Foods
  • Chapter 12: Nutrition and Active Women
  • Chapter 13: Athlete-Specific Nutrition Advice

PART III: Balancing Weight and Activity

  • Chapter 14: Assessing Your Body: Fat, Fit, or Fine?
  • Chapter 15: Gaining Weight the Healthy Way
  • Chapter 16: Losing Weight Without Starving
  • Chapter 17: Dieting Gone Awry: Eating Disorders and Food Obsessions

PART IV: Winning Recipes for Peak Performance

  • Chapter 18: Breads and Breakfasts
  • Chapter 19: Pasta, Rice, and Potatoes
  • Chapter 20: Vegetables and Salads
  • Chapter 21: Chicken and Turkey
  • Chapter 22: Fish and Seafood
  • Chapter 23: Beef and Pork
  • Chapter 24: Beans and Tofu
  • Chapter 25: Beverages and Smoothies
  • Chapter 26: Snacks and Desserts


The Table of Contents remains largely unchanged from the 4th and 5th editions. The publisher (Human Kinetics) states that the 6th edition provides information on:

  • new food labels
  • new USDA Dietary Guidelines
  • GI health
  • gluten-free diets
  • ketogenic diets
  • vegan diets
  • sustainability

The 6th edition also provides expanded and updated suggestions for eating "on the go". Additional information is provided for new energy foods, drinks, fast food restaurants, food trends, and more.

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Reviewed by: Stan Reents, PharmD 1/21/2021 9:45:23 AM

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