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Sports Drinks - Basic Science and Practical Aspects

Author: Maughan R, Murray R
Category: Sports Nutrition
Audience: Academic
Length: 279 pages
Publisher: CRC Press
  Year Published: 2001
List Price: $119.95® Rating: Excellent!

Sports Drinks - Basic Science and Practical Aspects is an academic text.

Recommended for:  academics, sports medicine professionals, graduate students, and others who want a superb academic text on sports drinks.


Ronald J. Maughan, PhD has published extensively and is a leading international authority in the field of sports nutrition.  At the time of this publication, he was a professor of human physiology at the University Medical School in Aberdeen, Scotland.  He obtained his BSc in physiology and PhD from the University of Aberdeen.  His research interests include the physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition of exercise performance.  He is a Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Robert Murray, PhD is an exercise physiologist. He earned his BS and MS degrees in physical education at Slippery Rock State College and served as assistant professor of physical education and head swimming coach at Oswego State University of New York before returning to graduate school to earn his PhD in exercise physiology from Ohio State University.  He is currently the head of the Gatorade Exercise Physiology Laboratory, a division of the Quaker Oats Company in Barringon, IL.  He is a Fellow of ACSM.

In addition to Maughan and Murray, 6 other authors contributed to this text.  Three of those authors are affiliated with either Quaker Oats, or the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.


  • Chapter 1:  Fundamental of Sports Nutrition:  Application to Sports Drinks
  • Chapter 2:  Water Turnover and Regulation of Fluid Balance
  • Chapter 3:  Physiological and Psychological Determinants of Fluid Intake
  • Chapter 4:  Gastric Emptying and Intestinal Absorption of Fluids, Carbohydrates, and Electrolytes
  • Chapter 5:  Physiological  Responses to Fluid Intake During Exercise
  • Chapter 6:  Metabolic and Performance Responses to Carbohydrate Intake During Exercise
  • Chapter 7:  Post-Exercise Rehydration and Recovery
  • Chapter 8:  Formulating Carbohydrate-Electrolyte Drinks for Optimal Efficacy
  • Chapter 9:  Other Ingredients:  Role in the Nutrition of Athletes
  • Chapter 10:  Discussion Among Authors

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