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Advanced Sports Nutrition, 2nd ed.

Author: Benardot D
Category: Sports Nutrition
Audience: Academic
Length: 411 pages
Publisher: Human Kinetics
  Year Published: 2012
List Price: $23.95

AthleteInMe.com® Rating: Good

Advanced Sports Nutrition, 2nd ed. is a comprehensive resource on sports nutrition for the competitive athlete. The 1st edition of this book (published in 2006) was a best-seller.

Recommended for: academics, athletic trainers, elite athletes.


Author Dan Benardot, PhD, RD, FACSM, is a professor at Georgia State University. He received his PhD in human nutrition and health planning at Cornell U. in 1980 and is a registered and licensed dietician. Dr. Benardot's primary area of expertise is sports nutrition; his research interest is energy balance in young athletes. He cofounded and directs the Elite Athlete Performance Lab at Georgia State.

Dr. Benardot worked with the gold-medal-winning USA women's gymnastics team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and with medal-winning USA marathoners at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.


The 411-page text is organized as follows:

PART I: Nutrition Sources for Athletes

  • Chapter 1: Energy Nutrients
  • Chapter 2: Vitamins and Minerals
  • Chapter 3: Fluids and Electrolytes
  • Chapter 4: Ergogenic Aids

PART II: Nutritional Aspects of Optimal Performance

  • Chapter 5: GI Function and Energy Delivery
  • Chapter 6: Nutrient and Fluid Timing
  • Chapter 7: Oxygen Transportation and Utilization
  • Chapter 8: Strategies for Anti-Inflammation and Muscular Health

PART III: Factors Affecting Nutrition Needs

  • Chapter 9: Travel
  • Chapter 10: High Altitude
  • Chapter 11: Gender and Age
  • Chapter 12: Body Composition and Weight

PART IV: Nutrition Strategies for Specific Energy Systems

  • Chapter 13: Anaerobic Metabolism for High-Intensity Bursts and Power
  • Chapter 14: Aerobic Metabolism for Endurance
  • Chapter 15: Metabolic Needs for Both Power and Endurance

PART V: Nutrition Plans for Specific Sports

  • Chapter 16: Sports Requiring Power and Speed
  • Chapter 17: Sports Requiring Endurance
  • Chapter 18: Sports Requiring Combined Power and Endurance


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