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Blood Pressure During Weight-Lifting
The highest BP recorded during weight-lifting was an astonishing 480/350 mmHg. It was measured in the brachial artery of a male during leg press. (MacDougall JP, et al. 1985)

Product Details: LifeStraw Universal Replacement Filter

Product Name: LifeStraw Universal Replacement Filter
Category: Water Containers, Filters, & Purifiers
Manufacturer: LifeStraw
List Price: $34.95

Colors Available: as shown
Container Made Of: Does not contain BPA
Container Volume: The microbial filter can treat up to 1000 gallons (4000 liters). The activated carbon filter can treat up to 25 gallons.
Description: This is a replacement water filter that will fit not only LifeStraw water bottles, but also Camelbak, Contigo (some models), Hydroflask, Kleen Kanteen, Nalgene, and more (minimum bottle height: 7.3 inches). It is a 2-stage filter: the microbial filter will remove bacteria (E. coli) and parasitic protozoa (cryptosporidia, Giardia), but not viruses (hepatitis A). The activated carbon capsule removes chemicals like chlorine and improves taste.
Filter Pore Size: 0.2 microns: filters bacteria and parasitic protozoa, but not viruses. Also removes microplastics.
Handle / Strap: YES / no
How It Works: Replace the cap on your regular water bottle with this to turn it into a "scoop-and-go" water filter.
Ideal For: Hikers, backpackers, adventure racers
Special Features: Two different-sized threaded caps: standard and wide-mouth. Two mouthpieces: standard and sport.
Why It's Cool: It's compatible with many different brands of water bottles. In addition, LifeStraw (parent company Vestergaard) gives back: one product, one school child, one year of clean water.

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