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Exercise and Obesity
Rates of walking and cycling were analyzed in 14 countries. Rates were highest in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Spain, and lowest in the US, Australia, and Canada. Not surprisingly, the rates of diabetes and obesity were lowest in the countries where people did the most walking and cycling. (source: Am J Public Health, Oct. 2010)

Product Details: LifeSaver 1500UF Water Purifier, 25-oz.

Product Name: LifeSaver 1500UF Water Purifier, 25-oz.
Category: Water Containers, Filters, & Purifiers
Manufacturer: LifeSaver Systems
List Price: $145.00

Colors Available: clear canister, black base, yellow cap
Container Made Of: plastic
Container Volume: 25-oz.
Description: This is the newest member of the LifeSaver product line. Like the 4000 and the 6000, this is a "scoop and go" water filter/purifier that combines filtration with purification. Tested and certified by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Filter Pore Size: 0.015 micron, the tiniest pore size of any water filter or purifier on the market.
Handle / Strap: no / no
How It Works: It uses an incredibly tiny pore size so it can remove viruses as well as bacteria and protozoal parasites (eg., giardia). It also has an activated carbon filter that will eliminate pesticides, medical residues, and heavy metals such as copper and lead. It also eliminates bad tastes and odors such as chlorine and sulfur.
Ideal For: Hikers, backpackers, and contestants on "Naked And Afraid."
Special Features: Will filter up to 1500 liters of water. Cartridge will last 1.5 yrs. Has a 2-yr warranty if purchased directly from LifeSaver or an authorized reseller.
Why It's Cool: If you want the very best scoop-and-go water purifier on the planet, then look no farther! (The only thing better is LifeSaver's 6000 model!)

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