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Product Details: M-1 EVO Smart Bicycle Helmet

Product Name: M-1 EVO Smart Bicycle Helmet
Category: Biking Gear
Manufacturer: Sena
List Price: $159.00

Colors Available: matte black, matte white, matte gray
Description: This is one of 2 "smart" mountain bicycle helmets from Sena, based in Irvine, CA. This is the EVO version of the M-1. As with other smart helmets by Sena, this one has speakers and a mic built-in so you can communicate with fellow riders and use voice commands to operate various functions. The shell is a high grade polycarbonate plastic. The lining is EPS foam. Chinstrap is nylon. It also has a rear-facing light, which can be controlled with voice commands. This model has an FM radio.
Dimensions: Large, and, Medium. (Small size not offered in this model.)
How It Works: The MESH intercom system allows you to communicate with a limitless number of other riders also using the MESH system. The MESH intercom has a range of 900 meters (0.5 mile), but, if 6 or more riders are also using it, the range is as far as 3.6 km (2.0 miles). Connectivity utilizes Bluetooth 4.1. The helmet can sync with your smart phone so you can receive GPS navigation alerts, listen to music or podcasts (the helmet has a built-in FM radio as well), and answer phone calls. A full charge requires 2.0 hrs and provides up to 10 hrs of talk time.
Ideal For: All mountain bikers!
Special Features: As with other EVO helmets, the M-1 EVO utilizes the much more versatile MESH intercom system. FM radio allows up to 10 preset stations in memory. Battery offers a fast-charge option: 20 minutes of charging provides 3 hrs of intercom use.
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: MEDIUM: 430 grams
Why It's Cool: This is the coolest mountain bike helmet we've ever seen! Apparently, others think so, too: In 2021, it won the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design in the smart product category!

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