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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercises for Osteoporosis
It turns out that exercises such as cycling, swimming, and walking aren't that beneficial for osteoporosis. The best exercises create some type of "impact" or flexing of the skeleton. So, opt for sports that involve jumping (basketball, volleyball), or sports that require change-in-direction running (field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis). For people who can't do strenuous exercise, simple jumping jacks are beneficial.

Product Details: GoPro HERO Session

Product Name: GoPro HERO Session
Category: Action Cameras
Manufacturer: GoPro
List Price: $199.99

Accelerometer: no
Accessories: micro USB cable included; lots of versatile mounts also available
Altimeter: no
AthleteInMe.comĀ® Rating: +++ Very Good
Audio Specs: 32 kHz sampling rate; AAC compression
Audio: Microphone: YES, internal (external mic not supported)
Battery Details: lithium ion, rechargeable, rated at 1000mAH, 3.8v, 3.2Wh
Battery Life: at best, 2 hours
Color Settings: GoPro Color; flat
Colors Available: black case
Connectivity / Ports: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth / micro USB
Data Storage: microSD memory card with a Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required; up to 64 gb capacity supported
Dimensions: height 38mm, width 38mm, depth 36mm
Display Type: YES
GPS: no
ISO Settings: Video: 400, 1600
Photo Capture: burst mode / time-lapse mode
Photo Resolution: 8mp (3264x2448) / 5mp (2720x2040)
Playback Options: computer, smartphone (requires GoPro app)
Protective Cover : no
Sensor: CMOS
Special Features:  
System Compatibility:  
Temperature Range: (unclear)
Video Format: MP-4
Video Resolution: 1440p (25-30 fps) / 1080p (25-60 fps) / 1080p SuperView (25-48 fps) / 960p (25-60 fps) / 720p (25-100 fps) / 720p SuperView (25-60 fps) / WVGA (100-120 fps)
Water Resistance: YES
Weaknesses: short battery life; no protective cover for the lens
Weight: camera only: 2.6oz.
Why It's Cool: It's the smallest GoPro yet. Simple, easy, functional.

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