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Tennis Burns Calories!
During singles, the average tennis player burns 7-8 times the calories used while sitting. Doubles tennis burns about 4-5 times the calories used at rest.

Product Details: Sit To Stand Desk, 40-in. wide

Product Name: Sit To Stand Desk, 40-in. wide
Category: Office Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: Stand Up Desk Store
List Price: $333.00

Colors Available:  
Description: A work desk that has an adjustable height.
Dimensions: Work surface is 40-in wide (also available in 59-in and 48-in widths). Upper shelf is 14-in deep; middle shelf is 16-in deep; bottom shelf is 16-in deep.
How It Works: Adjust the work surface of the top shelf between 34-in and 46-in.
Ideal For: Anyone who does a lot of sitting.
Special Features: Heavy-duty steel frame. Casters have locking brakes.
Why It's Cool: The height is adjustable, it's on wheels, and it's a really sturdy unit.

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