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Lowest Resting Heart Rate
Miguel Indurain, 5-time winner of the Tour de France, was reported to have a resting HR of 28 beats per minute! (source: Heart Rate Training, 2011)

Product Details: Nalgene MultiDrink Water Bottle, 20-oz.

Product Name: Nalgene MultiDrink Water Bottle, 20-oz.
Category: Water Containers, Filters, & Purifiers
Manufacturer: Nalgene
List Price: $13.00

Colors Available: 6 colors available: red, blue, white, gray, purple, lime
Container Made Of: plastic, BPA-free
Container Volume: 20-oz.
Description: This is an excellent water bottle at a great price. The cap is permanently attached by a sturdy loop. Fits in a cup holder. Dishwasher safe.
Filter Pore Size: (not applicable for this product)
Handle / Strap: no/no
How It Works: This bottle is not a filter or a purifier.
Ideal For: Anyone.
Special Features: The spout rotates out for drinking, or in for storage. Won't leak when the spout is in the storage position.
Why It's Cool: Nalgene has been making water bottles for over 50 years. This one is a quality product at a great price!

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