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Lowest Resting Heart Rate
Miguel Indurain, 5-time winner of the Tour de France, was reported to have a resting HR of 28 beats per minute! (source: Heart Rate Training, 2011)

Product Details: AS-1 Pro Ankle Brace

Product Name: AS-1 Pro Ankle Brace
Category: Footwear - Other
Manufacturer: Active Ankle
List Price: $39.99

Colors Available: black with orange stripes
Description: Active Ankle has been making ankle supports since 1989. This is one of their lace-up braces. It provides more support than the pull-over sleeve types, but, less than their Eclipse models. The shell is made of ballistic nylon, while the interior is neoprene and mesh, so that it can breathe. Laces hold the nylon shell together in the front of the ankle. Above the ankle is a 3-inch wide Velcro strap. It can be worn on either foot.
Ideal For: Any athlete in any sport, male or female.
Why it's cool: This ankle brace is really well-made. And, it looks pretty cool, too!

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