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Product Details: Katadyn Red Splash Water Filter, 24-oz.

Product Name: Katadyn Red Splash Water Filter, 24-oz.
Category: Water Containers, Filters, & Purifiers
Manufacturer: Katadyn Products
List Price: $49.95

Colors Available: red canister, white cap
Container Made Of: plastic
Container Volume: 24-oz. after cartridge displacement
Description: This is a "scoop and go" water filter.
Filter Pore Size: 0.2 micron
Handle / Strap: YES/no
How It Works: The fiberglass and activated carbon microfilter will remove bacteria and protozoal pathogens such as giardia. It will not remove viruses. To meet that goal, use Katayn's blue bottle, or, swap out the microfilter and replace it with the purifier cartridge.
Ideal For: Hikers and backpackers.
Special Features: Will filter up to 26 gallons.
Why It's Cool: This is one of the very best "scoop and go" water filters you can buy at this price.

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