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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Worst Exercise Ever?
The "plank." (ie., holding your body in a fixed horizontal position, just your toes and forearms touching the ground). Stuart McGill, PhD states that a sustained contraction of the long thin muscles of the back can rapidly deplete these muscle cells of oxygen. Depleting cells of their oxygen supply is never a good thing!

Product Details: UP3

Product Name: UP3
Category: Activity Trackers
Manufacturer: Jawbone
List Price: $179.99

Activity Log: YES
Altimeter: no
AthleteInMe.comĀ® Rating: (NOTE: As of May 2017, this product may no longer be available.)
Battery Details: rechargeable; lasts 7 days
Battery Life:
Calories Burned: YES
Chest Strap: no
Colors Available: 2 colors
Connectivity / Ports: syncs wirelessly
Date / Time: no
Display Type:  
Display Backlight: no
Exercise Physiology: resting HR
GPS: no
Heart Rate: Average: (check this)
Heart Rate: Limits: no
Heart Rate: Max Achieved: no
Heart Rate: Resting: YES
Heart Rate: Time in Zone: no
Special Features: "learns" your behavior; can detect different types of activities
Stop Watch: no
Sweat Resistant: YES
Time of Session: no
Timers: no
Tracks Activity Amount: YES
Tracks Activity Types: YES
Tracks Distance: YES
Tracks Sleep: YES
Tracks Steps: YES
VO2 max: no
Water Resistance: YES, but not recommended while swimming or showering
Worn On: wrist

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