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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Physical Activity and Dementia
A 5-yr study of elderly subjects (mean age 75 yrs) showed that those who were most active during the day (doing chores, etc.) had the lowest rate of cognitive impairment (Arch Intern Med, 2011).

Product Details: FitDesk Bike Desk

Product Name: FitDesk Bike Desk
Category: Office Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: Revo Innovations
List Price: $299.99

Colors Available:  
Description: A stationary exercise bike.
How It Works: You place your laptop on the platform and pedal the bike while you work.
Ideal For: Anyone who does a lot of sitting.
Special Features: Desk top has a non-slip surface, upper body supports to rest your forearms on, easy access storage drawer, and a massage roller. Desk, seat-back, and extension are all adjustable. Can be folded up for transport or storage. Desk surface is 16-in x 19-in. Weight: 47 lbs.
Why it's cool: Functional, versatile, simple!

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