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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Bicycling Cadence
Research shows that optimum power and efficiency occur when your pedalling cadence is 70-90 strokes per minute. On flat terrain, during the Tour de France, professional cyclists averaged 89 rpm (source: MSSE, August 2001).

Product Details: 329 Ankle Sleeve

Product Name: 329 Ankle Sleeve
Category: Footwear - Other
Manufacturer: Active Ankle
List Price: $29.99

Colors Available: black with silver stripes
Description: Active Ankle has been making ankle supports since 1989. This product is considered a sleeve, providing less support than actual braces. The trade-off is that you get greater range-of-motion with a sleeve than with a rigid brace so sleeves are better suited to sports that require lots of jumping. Consists of an inner sleeve and two 14-in long, 3-in wide Velcro straps. Fits either foot. Can be hand-washed in soap and water and should be air-dried.
Ideal For: Athletes who do a lot of jumping: basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, etc.
Why it's cool: It's simple. It just works!

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