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Lowest Resting Heart Rate
Miguel Indurain, 5-time winner of the Tour de France, was reported to have a resting HR of 28 beats per minute! (source: Heart Rate Training, 2011)

Product Details: SMART Performance 800i

Product Name: SMART Performance 800i
Category: Treadmills
Manufacturer: ProForm
List Price: $1599.00

Belt Dimensions: 18-inches x 60-inches
Belt Speeds: 0-12 mph
Console Features: 14-inch Smart HD color touchscreen
Description: Rollers are 1.6-inch precision-balanced. Running platform is cushioned and can be folded up when not in use. Includes 50 on-board workouts, heart rate sensors in the hand grips, dual Bluetooth speakers, a 1-yr membership to iFit Coach, and a fan.
Dimensions: Length = 76 inches. Width = 34 inches. Height = 58 inches.
Ideal For: Weekend warriors
Incline: 2% decline up to 10% incline
Maximum User Weight: 315-lbs
Motor: 2.75 continuous HP
Product Reviews: In August 2019, picked the ProForm SMART Performance 800i as the "Best Value" treadmill for weekend warriors.
Type: motorized, foldable treadmill
Warranty: Frame 10-yrs. Parts 2-yrs. Labor 1-yr.
Why It's Cool: Lots of features and options. The iFit Coach service brings certified personal trainers to your console! NOTE: As of October 15, 2020, the manufacturer's web site states this treadmill is Out Of Stock.

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