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Product Details: Solitaire FG Tent

Product Name: Solitaire FG Tent
Category: Hiking Gear
Manufacturer: Eureka
List Price: $89.95

Capacity: 1 person
Colors Available: black with warm yellow
Description: Eureka's Solitaire tents are more of a bivouac (bivy) than a tent. The interior height is only 28 inches! The Solitaire FG and the Solitaire AL are nearly identical: the difference is that the FG has fiberglass poles whereas the AL has aluminum poles (hence the 2-letter abbreviation!). POLES: 6.3mm shock-corded fiberglass. FLOOR and INNER BODY: 75-D 185-T polyester. MESH: 40-D polyester. RAINFLY: 75-D 185-T polyester. 2 storage pockets.
Footprint: Rectangle: 96 inches x 32 inches. 21.3 sq. ft.
Ideal For: Solo hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists who only want the most basic of shelters.
Length: Floor length = 96 inches; Packed length = 18 inches.
Product Reviews: As of August 11, 2019, there are over 500 reviews of this tent on Amazon. Most are positive, but numerous users have reported that the fiberglass poles break easily.
Special Features: In addition to the front entry, the Solitaire also has a zippered top entry.
Weight: 42 oz (1189 grams)
Why It's Cool: If you only need a basic shelter, the Solitaire FG is a good choice at a great price.

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