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Product Details: Reflective Vest

Product Name: Reflective Vest
Category: Safety Gear
Manufacturer: Moon Glow Sports
List Price: $24.99

Alerts: n/a
AthleteInMe.comĀ® Rating: 4-stars!
Battery Details: n/a
Battery Life: n/a
Colors Available: High-viz yellow with reflective panels
Description: It's a lightweight, adjustable vest for increasing your visibility. Also comes with reflective wrist bands and a nifty carrying pouch.
Dimensions: Height: 19 inches. Waistband fits sizes 33-in up to 48-in.
How It Works: Just slip it over your clothes. The shoulder and waistband loops attach with Velcro.
Ideal For: Anyone who walks, jogs, bikes, or rollerblades after dark next to a busy road. Might be useful for hikers and motorcyclists as well.
Why It's Cool: This vest just looks cooler than others. (besides, "Moon Glow Sports" is a cool name and they have a cool logo!)
Worn On: torso

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