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Product Details: ReVolt Headlamp

Product Name: ReVolt Headlamp
Category: Headlamps
Manufacturer: Black Diamond Equipment
List Price: $59.95

Battery Details: 3 AAA batteries: Can use standard (alkaline or lithium) batteries, or, Black Diamond rechargeable batteries. Cannot use other brands of rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. Charging connector is micro-USB.
Battery Life:  
Beam Angle:  
Beam Colors: white and red
Beam Distance: High beam = 80 meters. Low beam = 8 meters.
Beam Intensity: LED, 300 lumens
Beam Modes:  
Colors Available: 4 colors: black, blue, red-orange, gray (nickel)
Product Reviews: Outdoor Gear Lab reviewed 27 headlamps in May 2018. They rated Black Diamond's "ReVolt" the best rechargeable headlamp. Most of the reviews on Black Diamond's web site are also very positive.
Ideal For: For people who won't let rain and darkness stop them from hiking, biking, or exercising!
Water Resistance: IP rating = X8 (highest available). An IP rating of 8 means device can withstand submersion at depths greater than 2 meters for more than 30 minutes. Thus, this headlamp is waterproof.
Weight: 97 grams (3.4 oz.) with batteries
Why it's cool: The ReVolt headlamp can use regular (alkaline or lithium) batteries, OR, rechargeable batteries. And, it's completely waterproof!

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