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Product Details: Power Stepz

Product Name: Power Stepz
Category: Safety Gear
Manufacturer: 4id
List Price: $7.95/pair

Alerts: n/a
AthleteInMe.comĀ® Rating: 4-stars!
Battery Details: Batteries are not replaceable.
Battery Life: Guaranteed 150,000 flashes per unit.
Colors Available: Blue or pink
Description: These are safety lights (LED's) that you can attach to your shoes. Visible up to 2400-ft.
How It Works: Thread your laces through the loops to attach these gizmos to your shoes. The LED's are activated by motion, so, each time your foot strikes the ground, they flash.
Ideal For: Anyone who walks, jogs, or rollerblades after dark.
Why it's cool: Everyone will envy you!
Worn On: Your shoes.

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