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Product Details: Anjan GT 2 Tent

Product Name: Anjan GT 2 Tent
Category: Hiking Gear
Manufacturer: Hilleberg The Tentmaker
List Price: $835

Capacity: 2 people
Colors Available: green, red, or sand
Description: Hilleberg makes very high-quality tents in 4 categories: black, red, yellow, and blue. Anjan and Anjan GT tents are in the Yellow group, meaning they are very lightweight and best for warmer weather (not snow!). The GT version has a larger vestibule. FABRIC: Outer tent = 20-D ripstop nylon 66. Inner tent = 10-D ripstop nylon. Bathtub floor = 50-D nylon. Comes with six 9-mm poles and 16 Y-Peg UL pegs. Anjan is the name of a lake in northern Sweden.
Footprint: Trapezoid: Length = 86 inches. Width = 51 inches at one end and 43 inches at the other. 28 sq. ft. excluding vestibule.
Ideal For: Backpackers, hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists who want a very light waterproof tent.
Length: Floor length = 86 inches; Packed length = 18 inches
Product Reviews: MAY 2019: Outdoor Gear Lab reviewed 17 backpacking tents. They rated the Hilleberg Anjan 2 GT "most durable", and the best choice in terms of water resistance. It was also a top contender in "comfort", but reviewers said set up required "some practice". 2018: Outdoor Gear Lab rates the Anjan GT a Top Pick. 2013: Trail Runner magazine named the Anjan 2 Editors' Choice for Fastpacking.
Special Features: A fundamental design of Hilleberg tents is that the outer fly cover is integrated with the inner tent body, making set-up easier, but, also, helping prevent the fly from catching the wind as much.
Weight: Packed wt = 74 oz (2094 grams); Outer and inner tents, and poles only = 64 oz (1811 grams)
Why It's Cool: If you want a lightweight, high-quality tent, you'd be hard-pressed to do better than Hilleberg's Anjan!

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