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Product Details: DAD-2

Product Name: DAD-2
Category: Safety Gear
Manufacturer: TigerLight
List Price: $129.99

Alerts: GPS positioning will notify others (via their smart phone) of your location within an accuracy of 20 meters.
AthleteInMe.comĀ® Rating: ++++ Excellent!
Battery Details: The light uses a AA battery and is replaceable. The Bluetooth system uses a CR-1632 lithium battery and is not replaceable.
Battery Life: The CR-1632 battery will sustain up to 6,000 alerts. When it dies, the Bluetooth will no longer function and the device will have to be replaced. The pepper sprayer will still function after the battery is dead.
Colors Available: chrome, gun metal black, matte black, metallic pink, rose gold
Description: The DAD-2 ("Defense Alert Device") is the next generation of hand-held pepper sprayers. It sprays military grade pepper spray and sends out a GPS alert. The pepper spray will shoot up to 8-10 feet, but, in most cases, the required distance will only be 1-4 feet. Pepper spray canisters are replaceable and available for $9.99. The advanced chip eliminates unintentional alerts from dropping the device or from other iBeacon devices. The base of the unit has a 150-lumen multi-mode flashlight. The device does not have a siren or any audio alarm. Housing is polycarbonate. The app has an "I'm OK" button on the bottom of the screen. Created by police officer Sgt. Randy Teig.
Dimensions: Length x Width x Thickness: 5 inches x 1.75 inches x 1 inch. Weight: 4.4 ounces.
How It Works: Hold the DAD-2 in your hand with your thumb on the trigger. The battery cell and the Bluetooth system are in Sleep mode until the thumb button is pressed. As you depress the button, a signal of your location via the DAD-2 mobile app is sent first. Utilizing Bluetooth technology to connect with the free mobile app on your smart phone, your contact will be notified of your location. The DAD-2 should be within 10-ft of your smart phone for optimum Bluetooth connectivity. Others who have the app and who are within a 1-mile radius will also be notified! The alert is not sent unless the system can pinpoint the victim's location to within 20 meters. If it is, the alert is sent immediately. If not, the system will continue to pinpoint the location for up to 2 minutes. If, after 2 minutes, the location cannot be identified to within 20 meters, then an approximate location will be sent. Depressing the thumb button all the way activates the pepper sprayer.
Ideal For: Anyone who walks, hikes, or exercises outdoors, especially after dark.
Why It's Cool: Honestly, have you ever seen a better-designed pepper spray device than this?!!
Worn On: You hold it in your hand while walking or exercising.

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