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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise and Bone Density
After many years of riding, competitive cyclists can show a decline in bone density. Cyclists need to incorporate some type of "impact" exercise (ie., jumping sports, change-in-direction running) into their routine, too.

Product Details: adiZero Aegis 2.0

Product Name: adiZero Aegis 2.0
Category: Shoes - Road Running
Manufacturer: Adidas
List Price: $120.00

Cushioning (1-5): 3 - Intermediate
Flexibility (1-5): 2 - Stiff
Ideal For (body type): For light-weight runners who like to run fast.
Ideal For (foot type): For runners who don't need a lot of support.
Special Features: Wafer-thin midsole, highly flexible forefoot, very light. This is a very light-weight, high-performance racing shoe.
Weight (Mens Size 9): 9.3 oz.
Weight (Womens Size 7): 7.9 oz.

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