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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Blood Pressure During Weight-Lifting
The highest BP recorded during weight-lifting was an astonishing 480/350 mmHg. It was measured in the brachial artery of a male during leg press. (MacDougall JP, et al. 1985)

Product Details: Kamagon Ball

Product Name: Kamagon Ball
Category: Exercise Balls
Manufacturer: Kamagon Fitness
List Price: $99.99

Description: It's a hollow ball with handles that can be filled with water.
How It Works: The ball can be filled with water to produce any weight. But, the real key is the sloshing motion that occurs when you move, a "destabilized" weight. This recruits additional muscles and nerve pathways to provide an enhanced training effect.
Why It's Cool: It adds a dimension to resistance training and balance training that dumbbells and kettle bells cannot provide.

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