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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Rehab Exercises for the Back
When doing resistance exercises to rehab the back, the goal is to develop muscular endurance. So, lower the resistance and increase the number of reps to as many as 15-30 per set.

Product Details: Kamagon Ball

Product Name: Kamagon Ball
Category: Exercise Balls
Manufacturer: Kamagon Fitness
List Price: $99.99

Description: It's a hollow ball with handles that can be filled with water.
How It Works: The ball can be filled with water to produce any weight. But, the real key is the sloshing motion that occurs when you move it...ie., a "destabilized" weight. This recruits additional muscles and nerve pathways to provide an enhanced training effect.
Why it's cool: It adds a dimension to resistance training and balance training that dumbbells and kettle bells cannot provide.

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