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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise and Bone Density
After many years of riding, competitive cyclists can show a decline in bone density. Cyclists need to incorporate some type of "impact" exercise (ie., jumping sports, change-in-direction running) into their routine, too.

Product Details: Fitline 140 / 180 Exercise Mats

Product Name: Fitline 140 / 180 Exercise Mats
Category: Yoga Gear
Manufacturer: Airex
List Price: $54.95 - $69.95

Description: Closed-cell foam. Non-slip surface. Fitline 140: 56" x 23". Fitline 180: 72" x 23". All are 3/8" thick.
Ideal For: Yoga, Pilates, and other types of floor-based exercise.
Special Features: Resists moisture and bacteria growth. Wipes clean.
Why it's cool: Simple, but functional.

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