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Diabetes Worldwide in 2011
The 5th ed. of "Diabetes Atlas" (published Nov. 2011) reports that there were 366 million people with diabetes worldwide as of 2011. This is up almost 30% from the year before, which reported 285 million.

Product Details: PackLite Nova Solar Lantern

Product Name: PackLite Nova Solar Lantern
Category: Lights
Manufacturer: LuminAID
List Price: $25.00

Accessories: Includes a micro-USB (5v) charging cable.
Battery Details: Battery is lithium ion. It can be charged using the built-in solar panel (10-12 hrs), or, the micro-USB cable (1 hr).
Battery Life: LOW SETTING: 18-24 hrs after a full USB charge. 12-14 hrs after a solar charge. // MEDIUM SETTING: 12-14 hrs after a full USB charge. 10-12 hrs after a solar charge. // HIGH SETTING: 6-8 hrs after a full USB charge. 4-6 hrs after a solar charge. // TURBO SETTING: 3-5 hrs after a full USB charge. 2-3 hrs after a solar charge.
Beam Angle: (does not apply)
Beam Colors: White (5900-6500K) LED only. The Firefly and Spectra models offer multiple beam colors.
Beam Distance: Varies depending on intensity setting.
Beam Intensity: LOW: 12 lumens. MEDIUM: 25 lumens. HIGH: 50 lumens. TURBO: 75 lumens.
Beam Modes: Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Flashing
Colors Available: The lantern material (thermoplastic polyurethane) is only available in a translucent white. (The multiple colors that are available with the Firefly and Spectra models are generated by the LED.)
Dimensions: Collapses to a flat 4.75-inch x 4.75-inch square.
Ideal For: Backpackers, campers, hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists. Or, use it on your patio or in the backyard!
Product Reviews:  
Water Resistance: It's waterproof. IP rating = 67.
Weight: 5-oz.
Why It's Cool: Solar-powered, waterproof, it floats (it's inflatable), shatterproof, dustproof, and inexpensive! Very cool! The lantern material is both phthalate- and PVC-free. It was first marketed in 2011, then pitched on Shark Tank in 2015. Today, it's used in more than 70 countries!

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