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Product Details: Echo 2 Ultralight Shelter System

Product Name: Echo 2 Ultralight Shelter System
Category: Hiking Gear
Manufacturer: Hyperlite Mountain Gear
List Price: $695 (white), $775 (green)

Capacity: 1-2 people
Colors Available: white or spruce green
Description: This is an extremely lightweight, 1-2-person tent. It consists of 3 modules: the tarp (made of Dyneema Composite Fabrics, the strongest, lightest, and most waterproof fabric available for outdoor gear), a mesh tent with a bathtub floor, and a detachable vestibule. Made in Maine.
Footprint: Trapezoid: Length = 102 inches. Front width = 102 inches. Rear width = 78 inches.
Ideal For: Backpackers, hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists.
Length: Tarp: 102 inches. Mesh tent: 84 inches. Packed length: 7.5 inches.
Product Reviews: Dozens of reviews of this tent appear on the Hyperlite Mountain Gear web site and nearly all of them are very positive.
Special Features: The mesh tent can be pitched in minutes, with or without the tarp cover. Or, the tarp can be used without the detachable mesh tent insert.
Weight: Tarp: 9.3 oz. Mesh tent: 15.0 oz. Beak: 4.7 oz. Total: 29.0 oz (= 823 grams)
Why It's Cool: Versatile. Extremely liightweight. Dyneema fabric used for the tarp is nearly indestructible.

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