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Product Details: PEAR Mobile HR Training System

Product Name: PEAR Mobile HR Training System
Category: Heart Rate Monitors
Manufacturer: PEAR Sports
List Price: $99.95

Altimeter: no
Display Backlight: no
Battery Details: (details needed)
Calories Burned: YES
Chest Strap: YES
Colors Available: blue+black
Connectivity / Ports: Bluetooth 4.0
Date / Time: no / no
Display Type: requires a smart phone and the PEAR Training app (free)
Activity Log: YES (can share)
GPS: YES (synced through smart phone)
Heart Rate: Average: YES
Heart Rate: Limits: YES
Heart Rate: Max Achieved: YES
Heart Rate: Real-Time: YES
Heart Rate: Resting: YES
Heart Rate: Out-Of-Zone Alarm: YES
Heart Rate: Time in Zone: YES
Lap Counter: (details needed)
Special Features: Device generates audio alerts ("audio coaching") based the user's 5 specific HR training zones. Hundreds of training plans are available. Sold as a kit containing: the PEAR heart rate monitor chest strap, earphones, and a gear bag. Requires a smartphone: iPhone 4S and up or Android OS 4.3 and up.
Stop Watch: no
Stride-Length Adjustment : no
Sweat Resistant: HR monitor and earphones are sweat resistant
Time of Session: YES
Timers: no
Tracks Distance: YES
Tracks Steps: (details needed)
Water Resistance: HR monitor and earphones are water resistant
Worn On: chest

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