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Drug Costs for Lifestyle Diseases
In 2006, Americans spent $38 billion on drugs to lower cholesterol and control weight and diabetes. Another $33 billion was spent on cardiovascular drugs, such as blood pressure medications (source AHRQ).

Product Details: Radian Blender Bottle

Product Name: Radian Blender Bottle
Category: Water Containers, Filters, & Purifiers
Manufacturer: BlenderBottle Co.
List Price: $16.99

Colors Available: cyan blue, sea blue, plum, black, pebble (gray), coral, pink, moss green
Container Made Of: Tritan plastic: contains no BPA or phthalates
Container Volume: 32-oz, with measurements up to 24-oz.
Description: The Blender Bottle is a container for your favorite sports drink, protein drink, or smoothie.
Filter Pore Size: n/a
Handle / Strap: no / YES
How It Works: Simply shake the bottle to stir the contents.
Ideal For: Anyone who likes to make protein shakes or smoothies!
Special Features: It contains a stainless-steel wire whisk that allows you to stir the contents by shaking the bottle.
Why It's Cool: Who wants to drink lumps of protein powder?!!

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