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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Bent-over Rows
When doing bent-over rows, use a single dumbbell instead of a barbell. So, if you are holding the dumbbell in your right hand, place your left hand and left knee on a bench. (Your right foot is on the ground.) That way, your spine is supported like a table with 3 legs. This will help prevent lower back strain.

Product Details: SafeSound Urban Bicycle Helmet

Product Name: SafeSound Urban Bicycle Helmet
Category: Biking Gear
Manufacturer: Coros Wearables
List Price: $54.99

Colors Available: black, white
Description: This is one of COROS' third generation smart bicycle helmets. The SafeSound Urban was launched in October 2018, along with their SafeSound Mountain and SafeSound Road. The two most distinctive elements of their smart helmets are (a) an audio system that allows the rider to hear environmental sounds while listening to music, podcasts, or phone calls, and (b) an impressive safety feature that is automatically activated if there is an impact. The helmet shell is reinforced polycarbonate and the inside is premium EPS impact foam. The rear-facing red light is LED. The helmet is water and sweat-resistant. IP rating: IPX5. Contains 10 air vents.
Dimensions: Available sizes: Large, Medium, Small
How It Works: Functions are controlled with a handlebar-mounted remote. Connectivity utilizes Bluetooth 4.2.
Ideal For: All bicycle owners!
Special Features: AUDIO: COROS has a proprietary "Ear Opening Sound System" (EOSS). This allows the rider to hear environmental sounds even when streaming audio. The microphone is wind-resistant. SAFETY: Upon impact, the helmet automatically sends a map of your location to EMS contacts in the area, and, the LED on the helmet begins flashing an SOS pattern.
Weight: LARGE: 340 g. MEDIUM: 320 g. SMALL: 320 g.
Why It's Cool: Wow, have you ever seen a bicycle helmet with such advanced features?!!

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