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Obesity in the US: 2006
In 2006, Americans represented 4.6% of the world's total population, but 23% of the world's obese population (source: WHO, 2006).

Product Details: Eclipse-I Ankle Brace

Product Name: Eclipse-I Ankle Brace
Category: Footwear - Other
Manufacturer: Active Ankle
List Price: $39.99

Colors Available: Black (rigid brace, straps, and inside surface of pads) and gray (outside surface of pads)
Description: Active Ankle has been making ankle supports since 1989. This is one of their rigid ankle braces. The Eclipse-I is a single-sided brace, whereas the Eclipse-II provides support on both sides. The pads have an anti-microbial property. Can be hand-washed in soap and water and air-dried.
Ideal For: Athletes who do a lot of side-to-side movement, but not much jumping
Why It's Cool: It's sleek, simple, and not expensive! Can be worn on either foot.

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