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Lowest Resting Heart Rate
Miguel Indurain, 5-time winner of the Tour de France, was reported to have a resting HR of 28 beats per minute! (source: Heart Rate Training, 2011)

Product Details: LINX Smart Helmet

Product Name: LINX Smart Helmet
Category: Biking Gear
Manufacturer: Coros Wearables
List Price: $199.99

Colors Available: NOTE: This product has been discontinued. COROS now offers SafeSound Mountain, SafeSound Road, and SafeSound Urban.
Description: It's a "smart" bicycle helmet! Polycarbonate shell. EPS impact foam. Water resistant. Sweat resistant. Rechargeable lithium battery lasts 10 hrs. USB power/charging cable included. LED indicator shows mode. 15 vents. Weight: 400 grams.
How It Works: The helmet connects wirelessly (Bluetooth 4.0) with your smart phone. Better still, it doesn't require ear buds! It utilizes "bone conduction" to transmit sound from a sensor resting against your skin just in front of each ear. This allows you to hear environmental sounds like cars, trucks, sirens, etc. Smart remote mounts to your handlebars. This allows for hands-free audio control of volume, track forward, pause/play functions. Remote mount included.
Ideal For: Any bicyclist who wants a really cool helmet!
Special Features: Wow, where do we start? This helmet has LOTS of cool features: you can listen to music, take phone calls, talk to fellow riders, and hear navigation data. The helmet also contains an emergency alert system that is triggered when the G-sensor detects significant impact. This sends an alert with GPS data to a designated person. The microphone is wind-resistant.
Why It's Cool: Honestly, have you ever seen a cooler bicycle helmet than this one?!!

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