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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Fat vs. Fit?
The Cooper Institute published a study in 2004 showing that the health risks associated with an elevated BMI are reduced in diabetics if their fitness level is high (Diabetes Care, 2004). So, get out there and walk, run, bike, swim, play tennis or do anything that gets your heart rate up!

Product Details: Hyper Vest® Pro

Product Name: Hyper Vest® Pro
Category: Exercise Apparel
Manufacturer: HyperWear
List Price: $199.99

Description: An exercise vest with pockets for adding weights, and drawstrings to keep it snug. It comes with 10-lbs of 1/4-inch thick steel weights. (Additional weights can be purchased separately.) The wicking fabric is breathable and odor-resistant.
How It Works: Variable amounts of weight can be added in order to increase resistance during a variety of exercises.
Ideal For: anyone, any fitness level
Why It's Cool: Unlike other weighted vests, the Hyper Vest® Pro includes drawstrings to keep it from shifting or bouncing when you exercise. It was selected as Best Weight Vest by Men's Health magazine.

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